☑ Ate a monster pretzel at Alamo drafthouse
☑ Watched pianists duke it out
☑ Danced kizomba with strangers
☑ Danced salsa with a cat
☑ Couldn’t finish my breakfast tacos
☑ Ate black cherry gelato and eavesdropped
☑ Whistled in a capital
☑ Broke up a fight
☑ Performed as 1-note honorary saxophonist
☑ Rode bikes in a thunderstorm
☑ Missed a flight by 3 minutes
☑ Sunbathed in Miami
☑ Pushed my Spanish to the limit
☑ Learned that “guapo” is definitely absolutely totally not another term for “sir”
☑ Rock-a-by-ed a baby at the TSA Checkpoint
☑ Watched the sun set on a jet bridge
☑ Got hooked on traveling alone



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